Luxury beyond Death

Luxury beyond Death - Ghost Money I

The series portrays the paper offerings traditionally burned in rituals in Vietnam to send money and material goods to the deceased in the afterlife. It is a traditional Chinese-Taoist practice widespread in Asia. As well as ghost money, which resembles legal banknotes, there are various kinds of paper offerings representing daily necessities like clothing, personal electronics and household goods, many of which imitate luxury brands such as Rolex and Nike.

The project highlights our obsession with consumerism whilst simultaneously raising questions about what awaits us in the afterlife. 

Ghost Money means nothing to the living, but the billions of dollars that we generate will also be inaccessible to us in death. So what's truly valuable in life? If there is an afterlife, how do we know that the life we are living is not itself an afterlife of another world?

ベトナムなどアジア諸国には、身の回り品を象った紙や 偽物の紙幣「冥銭」を 親族が燃やす習慣があり、天に昇る煙を介して故人に物資を届け ることができるとされている。
肉体を去った意識はあの世で再び身体を手に入れるのだろうか? 死後の世界におけるナイキ、ロレックスなどのブランド物や札束の価値とは?

死者のための冥銭はこの世では役に立たないが、この世で「本物の」通貨もまた、死んでしまえば紙切れにすぎない。 生きていれば億万の価値も死ぬ時はゴミに等しいのならば、本当の価値はどこに存在するのか?