Our Lady for Sale

Transubstantiation in Reverse
15x10x 7cm | display stand, label, water, glass
Sculpture, Photography

‘Genuine Holy Water from the Holy Land’  €10.99

These figurines of the Virgin Mary that Takemura purchased on Amazon were produced in China, which is officially an atheist state. The items used to practice Christianity are mass-produced in a  state that doesn’t recognize God's existence, and the market economy endows them with ‘sacredness’ to increase value.

The project operates as a study of religious products traded online, representing the contemporary nexus of religion, consumerism and modern capitalism, in which we locate ourselves.

Our Lady for Sale
170x 20x 5cm | fabric, hooks, steel

Max Weber located the origin of capitalism in Christianity. In modernity, However, the religion has been declining as science provides tools to understand and shape the world. Perhaps supernatural answers to the big questions are no longer felt to be needed. Instead, the invisible hand of the market economy almost seems like a supernatural entity.

The faulty figurine Takemura returned to the seller has been sent back because neither the address nor the recipient exists.
The seller provided a fake address and disappeared from Amazon.

29x 40cm | Charcoal, paper

Our Lady for Saleシリーズはインターネットで取引される宗教関連の商品で構成される。中国は公式に無神論を採用しているが、武村がAmazonで購入したこれらの聖母マリアの置物は中国製である。信者の心の拠り所である置物が、神の存在を認めない社会主義国家で「単なるモノ」として大量生産され、市場経済によって’神聖性’という価値を付加される奇妙な構造に注目し、それを生み出した現代資本主義社会について考察する。